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About me

I have no particular talents but I am a very curious person. I like books, stories, the radio, podcasts, maps, Neil deGrasse Tyson and cosmology. I like to read, to listen to and collect pieces of information, to organize and sum them up to build my own idea of the world.

I also like to translate and build bridges between slices of the world that speak and think in different languages. Translation has always fascinated me, ever since I was in high school and used to spend my afternoons learning Latin and translating short texts into Italian. Long before I developed a passion for Lucretius and Cicero, however, I had other passions too. The most important one was building houses, parks and cities with Lego bricks.

Translating is a bit like playing with Lego bricks. Every brick is a word, every new construction is a text, and once you are finished, your only wish is to start all over again.

What I do and what I studied

  • I have been working in the translation field and international trade for over 15 years. 

  • I translate and revise technical texts, commercial texts and texts for the publishing industry from German, English and French into Italian (also Swiss Italian).

  • I specialize in marketing, agriculture, food and nutrition, renewable energy, oenology, natural and environmental sciences, non-fiction and tourism.

  • I also provide transcreation, copywriting and content marketing services.

  • I studied Modern Languages and Literatures (BA and MA) at the University of Padua (Italy) and at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich (Germany) and Specialist and Multimedia Translation (MA) at the University of Udine (Italy).

  • I have lived in Padua for many years but for some time I lived in South Tyrol, where I got the Bilingual Certification German/Italian Level A (C1) of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen.

Professional associations

  • Member of the German Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)



CAT tools (computer-aided translation tools)

  • OmegaT

  • Trados

  • Smartling

  • Wordbee

  • Phrase

  • Smartcat

  • Lingotek

See my full CV

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